AWG Chair

Projects have included new designs as well as copies. I have particularly enjoyed the challenge of designing and making items to fit existing schemes... More...


Queen Square

Stairs have been a recurring theme, but I have also made panelled rooms, doors, & bookcases... More...


Donal Channer died of cancer in 2015, he will be greatly missed, this site will remain as an archive of his works

Birch TableI have always made both furniture and joinery and I enjoy working on both the large and small scale. Working out the appropriate methods materials and tools for each job is always refreshing, all jobs are different and the basis of craftsmanship is responding to each challenge appropriately.

When the business started in 1973 I was almost entirely concerned with restoring antique furniture. This requires not only a careful analysis of wooden items to understand their structure and the processes used in making them but also skill as the work is very exacting.

Cope ChestMuch of my work has involved making carefully researched copies of historic items which have been removed or destroyed. Designs have been established from fragments, photographs or marks on walls and the items made.

My own designs often use different timbers together to emphasise shape or simply to show off the grains of the different timbers. I often use beads or mouldings to articulate the form of furniture. I am more concerned with style, richness, deftness, and beauty than with drama, impact and novelty.

This website will give you some idea of what I have been doing and what I may be able to do for you. Please contact me if you think I may be able to help or if you have any comments on my work or this website.

Planting for the future

planting hardwood species for the futureWe have planted 1400 trees at The Notch with the help of the Woodland Trust who supplied the trees and the Westbury Cadets who planted them. They are all indigenous hardwood species with a mix of tall timber trees such as oak, ash and birch as well as shrubbier types such as hazel, guelder rose and blackthorn.

The planting is quite random so as to imitate natural woodland. We have also planted 20 elm trees supplied by the Conservation Foundation's Great British Elm Experiment. They are cuttings from trees which have resisted Dutch Elm Disease.

We have 50 species of trees here. They will make a return for all the timber the business has used in the last 38 years. It would be nice to think of some future woodworker making use of them.