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Donal Channer died of cancer in 2015, he will be greatly missed, this site will remain as an archive of his works


Repairing old furniture and woodwork has been a constant theme. Each item needs a its own approach. Modern work can have parts replaced but older items need more subtle treatment to preserve their patina and their integrity.

Eastwell ManorEastwell Manor: This was part of a major scheme of reinstatement and restoration. We extended and refitted this very unusual 17th century beech bolection moulded panelling.

Borough ChestChippenham Borough Chest: This crude chest stands on a very unusual early form of cabriole leg. It has three locks so the three keyholders all have to be present when the chest is opened. We removed this and conserved it while the building was being repaired.

Cope ChestCope Chest at Wells Cathedral: This unassuming piece of furniture has held the copes of the Bishops of Bath and Wells for 860 years. It is the oldest piece of furniture to have been used continuously in the country. A scheme for its conservation was draw up and approved by the Victoria & Albert Museum and then carefully carried out.


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Staircases: History, Structure, Repair and Conservation is a new book which will be published in 2012 by Donhead. The section on the repair and conservation of timber stairs is written by Donal Channer. There is a main section with a general analysis and four case studies.