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Projects have included new designs as well as copies. I have particularly enjoyed the challenge of designing and making items to fit existing schemes... More...


Cope Chest

Repairing old furniture and woodwork has been a constant theme. Each item needs a its own approach. Modern work can have parts replaced but older items need more subtle treatment to preserve their patina and their integrity... More..

Donal Channer died of cancer in 2015, he will be greatly missed, this site will remain as an archive of his works


I have prepared a number of reports on historic woodwork for the Church of England, National Trust, English Heritage, and other bodies as well as for architects and private clients. Reports can take the form of written analyses with photographs, measured drawings, verbal reports, or powerpoint displays. They can deal with condition, conservation proposals, risk assessments, and method statements.

DetailClaydon House: I prepared a report on some fragments of carving found under the floor boards of this extraordinary rococo house during building works. I was able to relate them to mouldings and to comment on the amount of carving which had been done on site.

Danson House: All the doors, doorcases, fitted cabinets, and other joinery items had been removed from this house, but had been recovered. I was able to provide a report relating each of the hundreds of parts to their proper place and stating the treatment for each. For English Heritage.

Canterbury Cathedral: The works department of the cathedral had built up the most wonderful collection of wooden items from the cathedral. These ranged from the great south doors to tomb decorations, 17th century choir stalls to 1950s lino. I was able to report on what was what and where it had come from and how to look after it all.

Eltham Palace: When this house was being refurbished by English Heritage they had only some photographs and inventory lists of the Art Deco furniture used by the Courtaulds. I was able to prepare a set of measured drawings of all the items.

Cope Chest Wells CathedralThis analytical measured drawing was produced as part of the conservation of the cope chest.





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Staircases: History, Structure, Repair and Conservation is a new book which will be published in 2012 by Donhead. The section on the repair and conservation of timber stairs is written by Donal Channer. There is a main section with a general analysis and four case studies.