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Projects have included new designs as well as copies. I have particularly enjoyed the challenge of designing and making items to fit existing schemes... More...


Queen Square

Stairs have been a recurring theme, but I have also made panelled rooms, doors, & bookcases... More...


Westbury Court

I have prepared a number of reports on historic woodwork for the Church of England, National Trust, English Heritage, and other bodies as well as for architects and private clients... More...


Cope Chest

Repairing old furniture and woodwork has been a constant theme. Each item needs a its own approach. Modern work can have parts replaced but older items need more subtle treatment to preserve their patina and their integrity... More..



I have been learning about wood and woodworking for 35 years and I am still learning. This is not just because new tools and materials are continually invented but because timber is so versatile... More..

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I have the following items in stock and for sale... More...

Donal Channer died of cancer in 2015, he will be greatly missed, this site will remain as an archive of his works


Stairs have been a recurring theme, but I have also made panelled rooms, doors and bookcases. These have been exact historical recreations such as the Queen Square stairs or modern designs with glass balustrades.

Copy of Midford Castle Doors Midford Castle Doors: These doors are an exact copy of the 1760 originals which had become completely rotten.
Dauntsey Park - Stairs

Dauntsey House Stairs: The bottom flight of these stairs had been repositioned in the archway and the stairwell filled in. We resited the bottom flight and replaced the bannisters and handrail.

Queen Square Detail_Queen SquareQueen Square: These stairs were an exact recreation of the original stairs which had been removed. They are made of oak and mahogany. I worked out the design from the remains of the orinal in their new setting and from photographs.

Open Tread Stair : This stair is in a former windmill so it is a true spiral in that the radius reduces as it rises. The stair is in oak with a walnut rail. The balustrade is glass.



Elliptical Stair : This minimal stairs is made of Olive Ash. The plainness of the details sets off the grain of the wood.


Stowford stairs Stave Stair : This stairs is constructed like a cider vat. It was inserted in a listed structure and is entirely free standing.
Cottage Stairs Cottage Stair : These stairs are made of wych elm. Their simple form is enlivened with beaded boarding and hollow chamfers to the newel.
Field house Oak Stairs : These sophisticated stairs have a mahogany inlay on the treads and a parquet panel on the landing. They are in a new building.


Painted Bookcase: This bookcase has secret door with books on the front. The books can be taken out.
Westbury Court Painted Panelling: This is a reconstruction of some late 17th century panelling. The upper panels are 3 metres tall. We made but did not paint it.