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Projects have included new designs as well as copies. I have particularly enjoyed the challenge of designing and making items to fit existing schemes... More...


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Stairs have been a recurring theme, but I have also made panelled rooms, doors, & bookcases... More...

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Donal Channer died of cancer in 2015, he will be greatly missed, this site will remain as an archive of his works


I have been learning about wood and woodworking for 35 years and I am still learning. This is not just because new tools and materials are continually invented but because timber is so versatile.

If you have looked at my the pictures on my website you will see that I have been lucky enough to make an extraordinarily broad range of things — copies, contemporary designs, chairs, panelling, tables, stairs. Its all woodwork. Each project has been has required the same approach of selecting the best tools techniques and materials for the job and I have learned something from each.

Taking care takes time but a proper understanding of tools equipment and materials makes that care produce the best and quickest results.

The courses will take place in my purpose built workshop in my garden near Westbury in Wiltshire. The workshop is 1200ft sq and is fully equipped. There will be a maximum of three students at a time so as to allow a fair amount of individual attention. Woodwork involves shavings and dust, and noise so ear defenders and dust masks will be provided. The workshop has a built in dust extraction system and an air filter. Safety is a particular concern.

My workshop at present contains my collection of very old woodworking machinery which does not comply with modern regulations and will not therefore be available for students to use.

I have a large collection of books on carpentry, furniture making and related topics which students are welcome to use.

Offcuts for experimentation are free but larger pieces of timber will need to be paid for. Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Elm, Ash etc. are readily available but Zebrano, Rosewood, Teak and other timbers can be obtained.

I do not offer accommodation but there is plenty available locally and I will be happy to recommend. Tea and coffee will be provided but not lunch. There is a good convenience store and takeaways within a mile.

The initial one week course is intended to give a basic but thorough grounding in the use of tools, and processes. It will iron out any bad habits you may have developed, fill in some of the gaps in your knowledge, give you an understanding of the range of possibilities open to you. It will form the basis from which you will develop your skills to the full.

Areas to be covered will include:

  • Selecting a basic tool kit
  • Setting, sharpening, and maintaining hand tools. Safety
  • Workbench, vice and working environment
  • Use of hand tools
  • Power tools - drills, jigsaw, circular saw, router, biscuit jointer. Safe working.
  • Measuring and marking out
  • Preparation of Cutting List and getting out the parts.

Courses will start on the first Monday of each month and will cost £475

Further training would be in the form of projects which may be small or large. The project will be agreed between us to cover your particular field of interest. The cost will be negotiable depending on your skill and the amount of my instruction you will require. The basic cost of a space in the workshop will be £100 p.w to which you will need to add the cost of materials and my time for tuition at £25 p.h. We would agree an inclusive price before each project commenced. There will obviously be much more tuition at the early stages of a project than later. By working through a series of projects a student would be able to gain a good understanding of their chosen field and be ready to set up in business on their own.